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4.5k 1000w Full Spectrum Plasma


 1000w 4.5k full spectrum sulphur plasma grow light

What is Microwave Sulfur Plasma Light ?

SLP ( Sulfur Plasma Light ) is a revolutionary light source that has characteristics superior to any other light source commercially available. For starters, it is the only true full spectrum light source that provides light in all wavelengths similar to that of the sun. In addition, it provides some of the highest luminous efficiencies along with high CRI, proof that products designed with environmental considerations don't have to sacrifice performance. It is non-toxic, with no mercury or other heavy metal toxins contained within the product or used during production, and with a bulb life that exceeds 50k hours, maintenance is no longer a big concern .


There are a lot of benefits to switching to Sulfur Plasma Grow Lights instead of HPS, LEDs, HID, CFL, or (gasp) incandescent lights.

- Broader Spectrum of Light​

- Uses Less Energy

- Longer Lifespan

- Deeper Light Penetration

- Replaceable Pasma Lighting Bulb !!!

Summary of Benefits :

Nearly-complete spectrum of light that is good for vegetative growth (3500~5500K)

Use less energy than HID grow lights

Lack electrodes, so have a longer lifespan (+ 50,000 hrs)

For Indoor & Outdoor use



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