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Gavita Master Controller EL1


Gavita Master Controller EL1

RRP $799.- REDUCED TO ONLY $330.- !!!



 The Gavita Master controller EL1 is a single channel controller which can
control up to 40 ballasts/lights in a climate room.
Unlike a switchboard, which switches the power supply of regular ballasts
on and off, the controller can control appropriate Gavita e-series ballasts by
means of a low voltage control signal.
The ballasts and lights connected to the controller form a significant heat
source within the climate room. If for whatever reason, the climate control
system cannot prevent the temperature from rising in the climate room, the
lights should be dimmed or even shut down to prevent crop damage.
The controller offers the possibility to set the temperature at which it will dim
the lights and a temperature at which it will shut the lights down.
The controller is not meant to replace climate control equipment. Its autodim and shutdown function are primarily meant to prevent crop damage.
The controller is equipped with a 16x2 character green OLED display, which
ensures high contrast and clarity in dark and light environments. It provides a
self-explaining menu system with a full text interface for extremely easy and
intuitive use. There is no need to go through a code table to set your controls
or read your statuses. The system is also equipped with LEDs as status
indicators to see the status of your controller at a glance.
The interface language is user selectable: English, Spanish, French, German
and Dutch are standard available.
The Controller uses a low DC voltage to control both ballasts and contactor
modules, making the system safe to install. Cables for plug & play
installation are provided with the controller and the ballasts.


Option B: recieve this controller FREE with GAVITA 750DE

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