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ExcelEnd RC48 InLineCarbon Filter


ExcelEnd RC48 InLine Carbon Filter


Carbon filters are no longer just for the ends of your air filtration system.
EXCELEND's InLine Carbon Filters can be installed as point to point air filtration.
It is the same EXCELEND RC48 Carbon Filter users trust, built in to an air conserving body.
EXCELEND Inline Filters are state-of-the-art carbon filters that practically scour the air to clean it of dust, foreign particulates, organic compounds and odors.
EXCELEND Inline Filters are twice as light and last twice as long.
EXCELEND Inline Filters are perfect for the following applications: grow tents, cupboards and cabinets; anywhere without a roof/ceiling cavity to displace extracted air into; air-cooled lighting; lower-level floors of double/triple story houses; window to window ventilation applications; hot or cold filtered air transfer from one air conditioned room to another.

EXCELEND RC48 Virgin Australian Carbon Filters are the ultimate in air filtration 100% guaranteed!


EXCELEND Inline Carbon Filters Product Details:
The grow tent’s are an ideal space for growing your crops – but after adding your lights, fans & growing system – you could soon be a little tight for space....
ExcelAire have a solution which has freed up valuable grow space – with the EXCELEND's Inline Filter which along with your fan can be used OUTSIDE your tent!
By incorporating an inline tube around the filter - once the extracted air is forced through the filter only clean fresh air is dispersed.
Designed to be used with any size filter – with any size grow tent, the EXCELEND Inline Carbon Filter range are complete with sturdy easy hanging hooks.

EXCELEND InLine Carbon Filters are available in :

150mm = 850m3
200mm = 1650m3
250mm = 2400m3

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