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Our Melbourne Hydroponic Shop

Wide Variety of Hyroponic Supplies in Melbourne

Company Statement

Something about us

As one of premium Hydroponics and Air Management distributors in Australia, Excel Distributors continues to expand our extensive product range with exceptional items sourced locally and ones from overseas arriving on Australian shores each year. Excel Distributors brings together a combination of innovative design, dynamic performance, benchmark engineering with latest technology.

Excel Distributors objective is to give our customers a competitive edge and groundbreaking solutions. It’s a promise that stands for evolution, progressiveness, and high quality. For every client, every day. For every product and every idea that bears the Excel Distributors name.  Our warehouse in Melbourne stocks a massive variety of hydroponic products to cater for all your needs.

Excel Distributors is a family owned business that takes extreme pride in their work, and extra steps and care when it comes to their clientele.

Visit our modern warehouse/showroom in Melbourne. (click HERE to get directions)








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