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Hyper Climate Controller


 Hyper Fan® Temperature Speed Controller

The Hyper Fan® Speed Controller is extremely easy to use. Set the two dials and you will have complete control of your environment. The Hyper Fan® Fan/Controller combo has the lowest energy use of any fan/controller system out today. The controller thermostatically changes the fans RPM/ Speed as needed. For use with EC Hyper Fans only. All wire connections included.


Take Controll Of Your Enviroment!

Extremely Eas To use, Just set 2 dials and forget,  Lowest energy use of any fan/filter/controller system, Thermostatically changes the fan speed/rpm as needed, constantly maintains the optimal  day time temperature, fan speed falls back to custom set rpm on cold nights, operates 2 Hypr-Fans at once (inlet and outlet), all cords, plugs and adaptor cables supplied, plug and play


Just two easy steps for operation:

1) set the desired air temeperature once at start of each cycle

2) set the minimum fan speed % once at the start of each cycle

And Forget!

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