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HYDROTON Expanded Clay



Expanded Clay Pebbles is one of the most versatile growing mediums for gardening methods. Hydroton clay pepples are a loose media, so it is easy to transplant and harvest plants. Clay pepples can be used in both hydroponic or aquaponic systems.


Expanded Clay Pebbles are Great for Aquaponics
Growers prefer Hydroton Expanded Clay Pebbles for a number of reasons. Utilizing these pebbles ensures good root aeration, enhances microbial action in aquaponics, prevents rotting, prevents excess acidity and prevents soil pests. The pebbles also offer high water storage properties and balanced capillary action. Additionally, clay pebbles are environmentally friendly and reusable.

Clay Pebbles are used in the Living Filter Media Beds of the commercial Hydro and Aquaponic Systems. Additionally, this substrate material is a perfect alternative for soil in a pot for growing additional plants, such as aloe vera or fruit trees.

Clay pebbles will vary in colour and size.
Hydroton Clay is size 8-16mm in diameter, is round in shape, not corn shape, and won;t demage your roots. Hydroton has been made specificaly for hortiucilture use.

Designed in EU, made in PRC

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