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2ft Starlite Fluro Propagation Light


2 FT Fluro Propagation Light

T5 luminaires that utilize a sleep mode or motion sensors to operate can generate even larger cost savings. In field test in a warehouse scenario, using a standard T5 lighting system as a replacement to a metal halide system had potential cost savings of 23%. However, when using a T5 system with a sleep mode to replace a metal halide system, building owners had potential cost savings of 34-75% depending on sleep and wake control modes used.

Ultimate cloning/propagation light kit

cpmplete with 2 x lamp and barackets..

comes wired in box. Plug and Play!


Input voltage 240V
Size: 585mm(L) x 255mm(W) x 100mm(H)
Propagation light, 6400 Kelvin Spectrum rating for growing
Two lamp 55 watt included
1.2 meters flex and plug fitted


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