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AGROLUX DALI Interface/Driver



AGROLUX DALI Interface/Driver


What is DALI?
Put simply, DALI is a two-way communication system that brings digital technology to lighting. An international standard for communication, DALI defines the commands that LED drivers and ballasts need to recognize. The system allows individual LED drivers and ballasts to “talk” to the user, and allows the user to “talk” back via DALI controllers, computers equipped with appropriate software or building management systems.

“DALI sends messages around, and just like computer networks, those messages are picked up by the ballasts via addresses,” explains Wayne Morrow, president, Westminster, CO-based Starfield Controls. “The ballast with that address picks it up and follows the instruction. A simple message would be, ‘All lights in Room 10 turn off.’ You send that message, and all the lights in Room 10 know who they are. They pick up that message and say, ‘It says here I’m supposed to turn off.’ And that’s what [happens].”

Stuart Berjansky, former dimming product manager, Rosemont, IL-based Advance Transformer Co., explains that DALI is similar to a 0-10V system due to features like low-voltage wiring and daylight harvesting capabilities. “But, I call [DALI] 0-10V plus, because it gives you even more,” he says.

Communication in a 0-10V system is unidirectional; the control system tells the LED driver or ballast what to do, and it adjusts according to the voltage on the control circuit. DALI, on the other hand, provides a two-way method of communication, giving the LED driver or ballast a chance to communicate as well.



When the DALI Bus connected, the lamp will be controllable via DALI, to dimming up/down and on/off.
With one DALI bus maximum can connect with 64 pcs. LED 800 Watt Grow Lightings, and can build maximum 16 groups & maximum 16 scenes can create .
DALI dimmer level 1 – 100%


full function with 800w LED

no dimming with 1000w Plasma

DALI system is supplied pre-wired to suit the 2 LED fixtures, including external relay for optional equipment and interface master controller.

System can be ordered to suit your requirements


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