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CBD Oil - Quick Start Guide


Cannabis Oil, Simplified

A Multi-Dimensional Look at Cannabis Oil Production, Politics, and Medicine

In recent years, public opinion on cannabis has taken a turn for the tolerant. Spearheading this shift—on the medical front—is the apparent utility of cannabis oil as a cancer-fighting agent. Its curative properties have been heralded by activists for decades. The mainstream media has offered vindication, and the professional medical establishment has been unable to ignore the far-reaching potentialities of cannabis oil as medicine. Were it allowed to reach its fullest potential, cannabis oil could revolutionize medicine as we know it, offering natural, affordable, healthy, and often miraculously effective alternatives to the pharmaceutical pantheon.

In this QuickStart guide, ClydeBank Media not only reviews the standard methods used for safely extracting cannabis oil, but also documents the controversial history and Orwellian political drama that has hindered our ability to harness one of nature’s most fascinating and versatile botanical tools. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to apply your talents to the green rush, or a student of the quest for basic personal freedoms, you’re sure to get a trove of useful info out of this ClydeBank title.


You’ll Learn
The step-by-step methodology of safe cannabis oil extraction
Why the pharmaceutical industry is opposed to legal reform
How various terpenes and cannabinoids can influence the medical and psychedelic properties of cannabis oil
Various disease treatments using cannabis oil
The history of cannabis as medicine and recreation
Basic growing
Assessing the laws governing cannabis oil production and consumption in your state

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