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Thermal Imager

This thermal imaging camera combines the functions of surface temperature measurement and real time thermal imaging. From the built in camera it provides both thermal ‘rainbow’ style images and normal camera viewing with an adjustable thermal overlay. Screenshots can be saved to an SD card for later review. Emissivity may be adjusted to combat the irradiated IR emitted from differing materials. This device is ideal for diagnosing problems with equipment whilst it is in operation. For instance, its ideal for use in electronics servicing to identify faults in regulators, FETs, caps etc. Includes batteries and carry case. Display: 2.5” colour lcd display Resolution: 60 x 60 (3600px) Visible light image resolution: 300,000 pixels Field of view: 20×20° Thermal sensitivity: 0.15°C Temperature range: -20°C to 300°C Accuracy: ±2% or reading ±2°C Emissivity: Adjustable 0.1-1.0 Image frequency: 6Hz Spectral band: 8-14μm Focus mode: Fixed Colour: Rainbow, Rainbow High Contrast, Grayscale (white hot) and Grayscale (black hot) View options: Blending of the visual and infrared from full infrared to full visual in 25 % steps File format: BMP Image storage: Micro SD card Image viewing: On-screen Auto power off: 12 mins. Power supply: 4 AA batteries (included) Battery life: 6 hours Weight: 310g Size: 223×88×65mm
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