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LEDex T4 660w




Nanolux LEDex T4/F110 660w


Nanolux LEDex Series Fixtures are designed for full-cycle commercial cultivation that features many advantages compared with traditional light sources, bringing new efficiencies for your grow facility that weren’t possible before. This technology is revolutionizing the horticultural lighting industry in both lowering electric usage and increasing overall crop yield.

Nanolux distributes the 110W bars individually in case quantities. This allows you to utilize only the number of light bars as needed per track to meet your over all required PPFD on your canopy. The individual LED bars can also be used individually for side or intra-canopy lighting without the track.

Nanolux has designed its LED fixture around a modular concept. We sell tracks in 2’, 4’ and 8’ lengths. The tracks are designed for the 2’ track to accept 2-4 bars, the 4’ track to accept 4-8 bars and the 8’ track to accept 8-16 bars. This allows the end user to be able to adjust the overall light intensity over the canopy area and allows for greater ability to raise and lower the light over the canopy while maintaining a desired umol count.

Nanolux has designed five different bars with five different specific light frequency outputs. Full white, Blue, Blue/Red, Red and UV. This allows the end user to mix for white light with specific frequencies to aid in vegetative and flower growth.

LEDex Series fixtures allow random start, soft start, soft dimming capabilities, and feature over temperature protection, under voltage protection and open / short circuit protection. It is 0-10V COMPATIBLE, allowing control of your lighting with 0-10V protocol. The units can be used at any voltage range between 100-277 volts.

Nanolux Ledex F110


Nanolux LEDeX series fixtures have been designed around a modular concept which offers growers the advantage of being able to build bespoke fixtures for there grow room. Grow rooms come in all shapes and sizes and to be able to deliver light to each part of the growing area, evenly and at the desired intensity, light design needs to be adaptable.

The Nanolux LEDex light tracks are available in 3 sizes 2', 4' and 8'. This allows growers to hang light bars in the exact position to illuminate the growing area accurately and efficiently. Intensity can be increased by adding more light bars to the rail, a maximum of 8 on the 4' light track which would deliver a smashing 2400 umol.

Unlike other brands, each Nanolux LEDex light bar has it's own power supply and can be used individually as side lighting and propagation. This will require an additional power lead.



Optional equipment:

SLS 0-10V Smart Touch Screen Controller (HID and LED)


Nanolux LEDex light bars are available in 5 colours, full spectrum, blue, red, blue/red and UV, so growers can adjust spectrum for different stages of growth. Light bars are quickly and easily changed by releasing the stainless steel clips. The LEDex is compatible with the Nanolux 0-10v controller with features on/off settings, dimming, sunrise/ sunset and maximum temperature dimming.

The Nanolux LEDex allows growers to completely dial in the grow room using endless combinations of light spectrum, intensity and application.



How many will I need?

If we look at a 600w HPS lamp used in 1.2 area (4x4)ft, we know that a Phillips Green power 600w 400v lamp produces 1150 PPF. If we divide that 1150 ppf into 16 (4 x 4 =16ft) we get a sum of 71.875 umol per sq ft. If we then measure the growing area we can see the total number PPF required to match the 600w 400v HPS performance.

A Nanolux LEDex 110w full spectrum light bar produces 300 PPF, which breaks down to 2.76 umol per watt of energy. As we now know that we need 71.875 umol per ft we can easily work out how many light bars are needed to match the 600w 400v performance.

So a room measuring 10' x 10' = 100 sq ft and requires 100 x 71.875 umol of light which is 7187.5 umol in total.

Each Nanolux LEDex 110w light bar produces 300 umol so 7187.50 divided by 300 = 23.95 (24) This gives us the total number of Nanolux light bars needed to illuminate a 10' x 10' grow area at the same intensity as the Phillips Green power 600w 400v lamp. If I wanted to improve on the 600w 400v HPS performance I would add a percentage to this figure and increase the amount of light bars.

Power saving would be 24 x 300w = 2640w for LEDex compared to 6.25 x 600w = 3750w saving 1110w which is about 35%



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