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Excel Trays are the latest and most sturdy proven commercial style hydroponic tray systems available. Using original design features, these trays will ensure you have best water control available.
Excel Trays deep channeled system keep your crop well irrigated and healthy.
Excel Trays provide absolute minimal stagnant water and efficient water flow throughout.
Excel Trays flood are manufactured with durable, high impact white ABS plastic that will withstand temperature flactuations and daily agricultural and horticultural use. 
Australian design and owned and PRC made at their cutting edge thermoforming facility. Excel Trays are of the highest quality and durability unmatched in the industry.
Excel Trays are made extra thick using 6mm ABS, that makes them more heavy duty than many competitors, sturdy, very durable and long lasting.
Excel Trays have rounded corners, extended lip for easy fitting over an alloy stand (optional), recesed drainage ports for fast evacuation of liquids.
The low profile design is ideal for wide range of horticultural use and available in 2 sizes
850 x 850 mm and 1100 x 1000 mm both models 


Optional accessories:
1-Alloy Stand
2-Drip Cap & Feed Clip
4-F/D Fitting Set 

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