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Huracan 100 B


HURACAN EC Mixed Flow Fan

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EC mixed flow in-line fan is a patented product and truly compact unit occupying the least space with very wide applications.The fan is built with cold-rolled steel housing and jet-engine design double impellers and equipped with the cutting-edge brushless EC motor.Thanks to its up-to-date design in the industry, it can work on much lower power consumption and deliver greater air volume and static air pressure.
Main Features

1. Jet-Engine design double impellers to create higher static air pressure and make air movement more impressive.

2. Aluminum / cold-rolled steel fan housing to resist outer compact and adapted to the tough operating environment.

3. Brushless EC intellectual fan motor to ensure its energy efficiency and greater performance.

4. Variable speed control from 0% to 100%, detachable and concealed control switch optional

5. Heavey duty NMB bearing to last longer

6. Industry most powerfull fan
7. Compact size design for least installation space


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