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LED Pad 720


Nanolux LED Pad 720w
2 Panel 2.9 μmol/j - 2,090μmol/s


The Nanolux PAD series is a unique panel design that will eliminate light overflow.

Both Pad models are ultra slim, lightweight and foldable for easy transport and storage.

The PAD series comes in a 720w 2-fold design and a 1200w 4-fold design and operates at a low voltage rate of 56v.


The Pad series are IP65 water resistant.

Dimming: 140w/240w/330w/430w/630w/720w/OFF/NCCS-RTU & 0-10V Protocol.

World exclusive UVC sterilization built in to the spine.
Osram UVC275NM ultraviolet air disinfection function application with OFF/STD/SUPER selector.


With a thickness of only 14mm and the folding design shipping costs are greatly reduced with the PAD series.


Unique light board design, the utilization rate of light sources increased by 14%, and the illumination uniformity as high as 95%



Input Power: 720W/ 1200W
Input Voltage: AC 110V-277V
Efficiency: 2.9 μmol/j
Light Output PPF: 2090 μmol/s;3480μmol/s
IP Rating: IP 65
Warranty: Extended 2 Years (1+1)
Lifetime L90: >50000Hrs


2 models available:


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