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Light Rail


Light Rail Mover

The motorised Light Mover comes fitted with a variable delay timer adjustable from 0.5 - 60 seconds. The motor traction speed has been set at the optimal level for excellent growth which is approximately 140 seconds per metre. With its motorised system, light is spread evenly. Photosynthesis thus takes place in the best conditions for the optimal development of plants. The metallic rail can be adjusted as desired by combining several units. This layout allows a chain of several lamps to be created, controlled from one unit. An extension kit for the metallic rail allows you to extend the light movements, maximise your cultivation areas and limit your electricity consumption.


The time delay option allows the light mover to pause at each end of the track for a desired length of time. This allows the plants at the ends of the garden time to absorb an even amount of light as the centre part of the garden, resulting in an even growth profile. Without the time pause at each end you may find that the centre growth becomes taller than the ends.



· Heavy duty powerful motor

· Light weight aluminium rail construction

· 304 Stainless steel durable blade

· Efficient and quiet motor sturdy leg design for stability

· Easy to install

· UL CE C-tick Certificated

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