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Powerful Pro Biotic Root Tonic
Root Zone Activator and Protector
Releases Locked Up Phosphorus (P)


THC® Australia has developed unique and exclusive horticultural additive formula that will not only increase your quality and quantity, but save you money at the same time.
This bio organic super liquid will ferment its own variety of enzymes that break down nutrition and deliver it direct to plant where it's needed the most, eliminating the need for continues use of expansive Enzyme additives.
Rhizo Boost will unlock insoluble Phosphorus (P), which is normally frozen within soil and substrate ions, increasing your yield significantly.
Rhizo Boost will boost your plant root development with addition of other combination of unique elements.
Rhizo Boost will also protect your plants agains pathogens, and all that while building beneficial flora within the plants root zone for your plants to flourish.
Rhizo Boost will unleash your plant’s full grow and flower potential with a unique blend of beneficial bacteria, activators, organic acids, microbes, funghi and other trade secret elements to maximize your growth and harvest in hydro, coco or soil from roots to buds, flowers or fruit.

Not all Microbial Root Tonics are made equal!
THC® The Growing BenchmarkTM.

Ingredients: Live micro organisms, beneficial bacterium, earth acids, rare kelp varieties, activators, fungi and other trade secret elements.

Rhizoboost should be mixed with fresh water at the following rates for the stimulation of new root growth in all types of hydroponically grown plants.

Drench growing medium prior to planting at the rate of 1ml/litre with pH corrected half strength nutrient.
Then apply at 1ml/litre throughout he growth period and 2mls/litre during the bloom period.
Rhizoboost is compatible with all types of nutrient solutions and growth enhancers.
Trials have proven Rhizoboost to be an effective root stimulantor and root disease surpressant.
Rhizoboost is also effective for soil grown plants, trees, turf, golf courses & broad acre applications.

BIO Organic Technology. Contains Live Micro Organisms.
RHIZO BOOST 1L concentrate will treat up to 2,000 Litres of water or nutrient solution.


Herbal tray roots under Agrolux LED propagation bars.

THC Rhizo Boost is available in 1L and in Six Pack wher you'll receive 1L Free

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