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Jimmi Hendix 3 in 1 Vaporizer


 The absolute best Vaporizer available on the market. Vape Cannabis the original way - Cone-Shaped! You don’t drink wine from a beer mug do you? A smooth vape without combustion. Just vape CBD, THC and terpenes without toxic smoke. It doesn’t get healthier than this! Very easy to use and clean. A microprocessor controlled heating chamber allowing you to vape dried cannabis, wax or extracted oil.

The unique structure of the E-njoint™ 3in1 Vaporizer with the heating chamber positioned as far away as possible from the exit allowing the hot vape to cool down as it is traveling through the vaporizers channel results in cooled concentrated CBD/THC vape. No flames, no tar, no ash, none of the toxic substances present in smoke of burned Cannabis.

The best materials have been applied ensuring years of safe and easy vaping. The product is supplied with just about the most complete peripheral package you can imagine. Lanyard, 2600 Mah. Power-bank/Flashlight, extra baskets, car-charger, you name it, it is in the box.

Three pre-programmed temperature settings: 187 C° (369F), 200 C° (393 F) and 212 C° (414 F). Easy one button operation. Load a basket and start vaping in 30-40 seconds.

Prefilled cartridges can be bought in areas where cannabis is legalized. Very convenient, just pop of the silicon seal ensuring freshness and start vaping. Contact us for more information where to buy prefilled cartridges.

What's in the Box: 1x Mains Charger
1x Jimi's 3 in 1 Vaporizer 1x USB Charging Cord
2x Dry Herbs Basket 1x Dual port USB Car Charger
2x Wax Basket 1x 2600 mAh Power Bank/ Flashlight
2x Oil Basket 1x Power Bank USB Charging Cord
1x Tool Kit 1x Neck Cord
1x Extra Silicon Tip/ Filter 1x User ManualUse Cannabis you are supposed to do. Coneshaped.



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